Wendy Goode

How to Buy

Buying from Wendy Goode couldn't be simpler.

Simply add the item or items of your choice to the basket. You will then either be able to proceed directly to the checkout or you can continue browsing our website untill you are ready to make your purchase.

Then simply click either basket or checkout at the top right hand side of the header.

You can then choose to pay securely online via PayPal or UK customers making a purchase under 100 can pay securely online with a credit or debit card via Nochex alternatively you can post a cheque or postal order.

I am now accepting debit/credit card transactions. As this website is not equipped to deal with these transactions, please email/telephone with details of your order. If you have any question or require further assistance please contact us at feathers@wendygoode.com or call us on 01467 651 893. We will be happy to answer any query you may have.