Wendy Goode

Etched starburst double diamond


The starburst is etched on both sides of the double diamond in my Bevelled Glass collection The double diamonds are joined with a ball bearing swivel as well as being hung by one. This allows each piece to turn independently of each other. Each diamond measures 3 x 5 inches

All my bevelled glass pieces are approximately 1 cm at their thickest tapering down to about 5 mm on the edge. They have been photographed on a black background in order to see all the detail, over the years we have found that no photo can do this glass justice, When the bevelled piece is hung near preferably not on a window and the light travels through the piece, it projects the most beautiful kaleidoscope of rainbows.

Excellent gift for someone who has everything
Beautiful rainbows light up any room
Hand made in Scotland
Only available whilst limited stocks last
Free postage with in the U.K., Outside U.K. please email for price

Please refer to my Face book page for more pics and video

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